Winter Basket Auction

Welcome to the Winter Basket Auction

Parish Life is sponsoring this Silent Basket Auction. To participate, please complete the Bidder Information before placing a bid. Then click on the image of the item you are going to bid on. Next, check out where the bidding is at and place your bid. Good Luck!!

Sign up on the Bidder Information sheet before bidding. Click the image here 

Bidding will stop on Sunday, December 18, at midnight. Bids made after that time will not be honored.

Baskets to Bid on:


Boy Stuff


Christmas Cards & Gift Tags

Christmas Basket

Crazy For Cardinals

Dog & Cat Basket

Entertainment Tonight

Frozen and More

Game Night/Movie Night

Hot Cocoa Basket

Happy Fall

Lights for Short Days

Love Spoken Here

Paw Patrol Basket

Popcorn Basket

Scrapbooking Fun

Snack Attack!

Starbucks Anyone?

Vintage Citrus

Grill (Two Winners)

Dinner and a Movie

Kid Stuff

Dog Lovers Unite!

Fr. Reed's Picture 
and a Pie

College Survival Kit


Hot or Cold?

Arts & Crafts by
Marilyn Mungovan


Feeling Crafty?



Holiday Baking Challenge


You Get it All 

Including a Raft!



Snow Day for Kids


Express Yourself



Self Care

Ann Lappen's Caramels