Bountiful Basket Auction 23

Welcome to the Bountiful Basket Auction

Parish Life is sponsoring this Silent Basket Auction. The auction will run from November 14 to November 28. To participate, please complete the Bidder Information before placing a bid. Then click on the image of the item you are going to bid on. Next, check out where the bidding is at and place your bid. Good Luck!!

Sign up on the Bidder Information sheet before bidding.  Click the image here to access the bidder sheet:   

Bidding will stop on Tuesday, November 28, at 6:00 PM. Bids made after that time will not be honored.

Baskets to Bid on: Below

Holy Starbucks

Anne's Famous Caramels

Golf Time


Holiday Baking

Spa Day at Home

Bountiful Harvest

Ecuadorian Handmade Items

Wrapping Up Christmas

Movie Snacks


Christmas in a Basket

Festive Cardinals


Holiday Kitchen


Don't Forget Fido

Mystery Box