e7jg9et1l63n6acdr5mtampfocl.jpgIn 1986 a group of visionary parishioners established the Mother of Good Counsel School Endowment fund. The Fund's principal has been contributed by parishioners, alumni and friends of our school through direct appeals, reunion contributions, memorial donations, and bequests. In 1993 the Mother of Good Counsel Church Endowment Fund was established.

Today these Funds continue to serve an important role in our past, present, and future at Mother of Good Counsel. They are carefully managed and monitored by our Endowment Committee, as well as, our Investment Committee. These two groups are comprised of current and former parishioners, school parents, alumni, and friends. The committee members have both a working knowledge of investments as well as an interest in the future of MGC.

A small percent of interest from both funds are dispersed to the church and school each year to help cover important operating costs. The bulk of the funds continue to grow, securing a successful future for the faith community of MGC.

For more information about the Church and/or School Endowment Funds, or to donate, please contact Tim Dwyer  tim@gfgwisconsin.com.