Extended Care


MGC Extended Care Program (ECP)
Mother of Good Counsel School offers before and after school care for our school-aged children (ages 3-14). The program is designed to provide supervision and safety in a structured program of activities. Activities will vary from day to day with opportunities for children to play outdoors or in Alumni Hall, to have a quiet place to study, for reading or resting and to engage in group planned activities.


The Extended Care Program (ECP) is located in the Alumni Hall area (lower school). Parents should drop off and pick up their children at the security door located at the southwest corner of the building (facing Lisbon Avenue). In good weather, cones are set out on the playground to cordon off an area for the children to play. For the safety of the children, it is imperative that no one drives through those cones at any time!

Hours of operation Monday through Friday:

Before school: 6:30 a.m. - 7:40 a.m. 
All school days: 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. 
Early dismissal days: 11:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


* Full day childcare will be offered on most non-school days with the exception of holidays. Parents must pre-register children for 1/2 and full days.

Students are provided with a nutritional snack every day after school and on early dismissal days. On full days ECP will provide morning and afternoon snacks. You will need to provide your child with a bagged lunch with a beverage on early dismissal days and full days. You may provide drinks for your child's lunch or milk may be purchased.

We usually provide some off-campus FIELD TRIP activities on full days. Parents are responsible for field trip fees which include admission and transportation.

For information on fees or general questions, please contact Mrs. Bennie Galloway at (414) 442-7600, ext. 123 or galloway@mgcparish.org

MGC ECP Policy Handbook

Click here for a copy. 

Easter Camp

Mother of Good Counsel Easter Camp offers safe and fun programs over the Easter vacation. Parents can register their children using the Easter calendar that will be coming in March.

Summer Camps

Mother of Good Counsel Summer Camp offers safe and fun programs with a flexible registration policy. Parents can register children for one week, select the number of days they will attend that week, and then re-register for additional weeks based on the family's schedule. Each week is split between field trips and on-campus days. There is a new theme each week. They include Nature Adventure, Water World, Animals, and more!

Summer camp begins in mid-June. To register for summer camp see our summer camp calendars and registration forms that will be out in May!

 Summer Camp 2024 for ages 3 - 14


Click on this link to download the Medication Authorization Form.

Medication Authorization

For more information call (414) 442-7600, ext. 123