Internet Skills

Internet Skills

NetSmartzKid Videos

The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children sponsor this site which teaches children about the dangers on the Internet and Internet Safety.

Copyright-Friendly Toolkit

Creative Commons is explained. Fair Use and copyright all explained and links to help understand how to respect intellectual property laws in this digital world.

Critical-Evaluation Lesson

Evaluating web sites on the Internet.

Safety Land

Play games to see how to stay safe while on the Internet.

Safe Online Surfing

Play games to see how to stay safe while on the Internet - by grade level.

Making Safer Choice Online

Play games, watch videos, read and take quizzes to stay safe while on the Internet.

Evaluating Internet Reources

This web site gives students clues to what to look for when using the Internet. Students are given criteria for evaluating websites.

Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Sites

This site offers a checklist for students to use when looking for resources on the Internet.

Finding Information on the Internet

This site offers tutorials that describe the worldwide web, how to search the web, and different types of search tools. There is also a detailed chart that compares 3 search engines to help you decide which one fits your needs. This site is for older students.

Copyright Issues Hunt

This is an online scavenger hunt that covers the topic of copyright. Questions regarding copyright situations are asked. There are links to follow to find the correct answers to these questions. There is a PDF version of the hunt so students could write out notes or answers. A slide show on copyright and fair use is also available along with an online quiz.

Four NETS for Better Searching

This is a tutorial on how to conduct an effective web search. Tips on how to narrow a search, use the URL to find the information, and look for pages that are similar are explained. This site uses Google but has a link, near the end, that lists specialized search engines.

The Spider's Apprentice

This site helps guide your search on the Internet. The section of how a search engine works gives tips on improving a search through the use of Boolean operators. Also explained is how search results are ranked.

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