Kindergarten Websites

Kindergarten Websites


   Play color and shape Bingocolor lines
fish   Practice counting fish


80km2uw3if8tq2om48m3asf0ojl.gif  Fire Prevention/Safety Tips 
pumpkins and gourds  Read and create a pumpkin
 pumpkin and bats Carve your very own pumpkin without the mess
   Create Halloween pictures with dot-to-dots.


Practice counting and matching numbers
Play Thanksgiving-themed games
  Color Thanksgiving pictures
Create a turkey of your own
Learn about the Wampanoag Way


Make your own gingerbread boy or girl
  Count, match, and number gingerbread men and buttons
Play Christmas-themed games
Make Christmas puzzles without losing a piece
Decorate your house with Christmas lights


Sort, compare and count fuzz bugs
Build a snowman without being cold
  Create virtual jigsaw puzzles of winter scenes
Put the letters in ABC order (upper and lower, sound or no sound)


Will the groundhog see his shadow?
   Create valentines
   Play Valentine-themed games online
  Finish a puzzle online of George Washington


Create a picture drawing, coloring or painting
Create pictures by using dot to dots
Play various games with St. Patrick's Day themes
   Color Easter pictures
    Find the hidden Easter Eggs
     Play instruments online


      Color pages online
   Practice rhyming words
  Clean the park for Earth Day
   Match the number and the numeral

    Play butterfly games
   Have fun creating works of art
   Play dinosaur games


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