Note Taking Reading Tips

 Note Taking and Reading Tips


Students can take notes from various sources and organize them. This site also helps with keeping track of sources. Teachers can create online research projects and check sources.

How to Study

This site offers tips for many study skills. These skills include note-taking, using references, tips for reading textbooks, how to be a good listener, hints on writing a research paper and giving an oral presentation. These tips are presented in text form. The site offers printer-friendly versions. This site covers many areas and should be revisited often.

Note Taking Skills and Strategies

This can also be printed as a PDF file. This is a list that would be handy for those who need to know how to take notes. Included in this list are tips on what to write, how to write, and where to save these notes. This site also has links for test-taking and study tips.

Taking Notes

These steps on how to take accurate notes are on the Homework Center of Infoplease. They also list some shortcuts for students to use when taking notes. These tips cover notes for lectures and textbooks. The Homework Center also has tips for studying for tests and how to read textbooks

Note Taking Strategies

 These are strategies for middle school students to use when taking notes

Note Taking in Class

The University of North Caroline offers hints on how to take effective notes during class.

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Page updated on 07/20/23