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Citation Machine

Using this interactive web tool, students can create citations in either APA or MLA styles. Options for both print and electronic resources are available here. In-text citations are also created.

Proofreader's Marks

Ever get your paper back from someone and there were marks all over it that you do not understand? This web site lists common marks used when proofreading.

Common Errors in English

This website is very useful when you are undecided as to which word you should use. There is a link to the list of errors that are frequently made in the English language. These errors are listed in alphabetical order and a navigation bar at the top of the list helps you quickly reach the words you are searching for. You will receive an example of the correct usage. Tips to help you remember which word is correct are also included.

Research Rocket

A tutorial from Kentucky Virtual Library teaches students how to do research in a game format. It starts with the planning stage ≠ how to decide on a topic. Ideas of where to go for print sources are listed. Tips and tricks for Internet searches are included. Various methods used for note taking are described with print out versions available. What to do with the information is next. Ideas on how to share the information from your research end the tutorial. Words students might not know are written in capital letters and can be defined by selecting them.
















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